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Meet the principal

Gary first came into the financial services arena in 1980 with no experience and now has over forty years experience meeting and advising clients on their financial objectives. In that time Gary has been through stock market peaks and crashes, high and low mortgage rates, as well as all the recent scandals surrounding banks and other high net worth institutions. Even in difficult times and an ever changing industry, Gary has challenged himself to remain true to himself and his clients by maintaining what he has always preached to his clients, “there will always be ups and downs on the journey of achieving your financial objectives, but whatever happens, I will always be there to guide you through”.

He has embraced the Industry’s growing professionalism and long overdue move away from commission based remuneration, to becoming a fully fee based practice. His practice will service all client financial needs and if indeed, anything falls outside his remit, Gary networks with other specialist practices to fulfil those requirements.

Gary is a sports fanatic, whose primary passion is rugby and has played rugby for his school and their Old Boys team from the age of 11, right up until he finished playing at the ripe old age of 40. He has now gone from poacher to gamekeeper and is now a County Referee for Somerset Society, where he now uses his management skills, in helping 30 adrenalin fuelled rugby players to enjoy their Saturday afternoon’s entertainment. He has been fortunate to watch rugby all over the country and has spectated in three countries where it is always difficult to win, namely, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. His other passions include ski-ing and travelling, as well as all the social activities associated with his family and friends.